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Discover exactly which models will ENERGIZE you, ATTRACT more ideal clients and allow you to DELIVER real transformation and RESULTS. 

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Pinpoint the Right Profit Path for YOU

Experience almost Instant Clarity on Where to Take Your Business Next.

Discover Your TQ and Get a Personalized Business Building Plan. 

TQ Assessment & Action Guide

Trailblazer Quotient (TQ) Assessment & 90 Day Action Guide  

Take the Assessment and pinpoint the right business model and strategy for You! Your unique TQ profile will show you how to position and grow your business based on your unique strengths, mission and goals. 

You'll discover which models will ENERGIZE you, ATTRACT more ideal clients and allow you to DELIVER deep transformation and RESULTS. Start transforming your business NOW with your 90 day Action Guide.

Shawn Driscoll TQ Video

Video Training to Help Maximize Your TQ Advantage

You'll understand what your TQ scores mean and how use them to grow a thriving business that's customized to your priorities and personal strengths.

Access to the Trailblazer Action Circle

You'll be invited to join a private Facebook community of Trailblazing Business Owners just like you. Connect with others, take action to grow your impact and get support along the way.

Shawn Driscoll  Consult

BONUS: BUSINESS MODEL CLARITY Session with Shawn Driscoll

I want you thriving in a business that makes both a serious profit and real impact. So I'm including a Clarity call to make sure you maximize your TQ and have a clear path to grow your business, your way. We'll meet by phone to review your TQ results, address your burning questions and map out your business building action plan during this private 30 minute call

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There's a Way You're Uniquely Wired to Grow Your Business.

The Trailblazer Quotient (TQ) is much more than an assessment. It’s a Personalized Business Building System that helps you pinpoint the right business model and strategy for YOU and your mission.  

Discovering your TQ will give you:

  • A personalized business strategy that fully leverages your unique strengths and vision.
  • A business model that excites and energizes you.
  • Clarity about what to offer & why (as well was what to avoid!)
  • Insights into why clients buy from you and how to differentiate your business in a crowded, noisy marketplace. 
  • Profitable strategies to serve and scale, sustainably.
  • Increased creativity and a deeper sense of value & contribution.

Knowing your Trailblazer Quotient can transform your business. It's a tool you come back to again and again as your business grows and evolves. Here’s what other’s have to say:

I've used the TQ as a guiding force behind my business growth and my business model evolution. Each time I take the TQ, I become instantly clear on what I need to focus on to continue building a business that lights my soul on fire.

- Alicia Forest

By understanding my Trailbazer Quotient in more depth and getting clear about how to think about my model, I realized what needed attention and what didn't need doing. Now I have a clear path for clients to follow...and that gives me an enourmous sense of ease and freedom.

- Jodi Hume  

I love Shawn Driscoll's TQ! Such a great tool for discovering what our personal business style is so we don't waste time and energy trying to create something that will never work for us.

- Julia Mattern 

It is the clarity I've been missing for forever....I finally have the missing piece. Wow!

- Laura Naughton 

Everything I read in my TQ profile was spot on and validated so much about what I intrinsically knew I wanted to do with my business, but was being told is the “wrong” way to go. Thank you for giving me ideas that I can actually implement AND feel good about.  

- Alyssa Martin

If ever I am lost - I go back to this. If ever I am wondering if I should take on a client - I go back to this

- Giselle Hudson

Super helpful to have your interpretation of my TQ. Amazing how it articulates what I've been feeling and thinking, in a way that creates clarity. 

- Julia Aspinwall 

Focusing on my unique signature approach has revolutionized my business for better results based on my own personal creativity. I've been in this field for over 20 years, and right now, I'm more excited about what I'm doing, making more money than I ever have, delivering a very high quality product and growing my businss constantly!

- Rachael Richter 

Discover Your TQ Today and I'll Personally Help You Map Your Clear Path to a More Rewarding, Influential & Profitable Business!

Don't stay stuck in a business that leaves you bored and burned out! 

You need to be using your strengths & gifts, having a greater impact and reaching those you're here to serve.

I can't wait to help you put the power of YOUR Trailblazer Quotient to work in your business and gain a unique edge in the market!  

Discover YOUR TQ TODAY and Get a BONUS 30 minute Business Model Clarity Session!

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About Shawn Driscoll

As a champion for pioneers, mavericks, change makers, and rule breakers Shawn doesn’t take a cookie-cutter approach to business building. The creator of the Trailblazer Quotient (TQ), she guides her clients to build a distinctive business that gets them known for work that is uniquely their own.

With a keen eye for strategy and a sixth sense for seeing ‘hidden’ systems within businesses, she has become a sought-after coach to trailblazing entrepreneurs and leading experts internationally.

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